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I have the reputation of talking more people out of publishing a book than into it. Simply because I am honest about the chances of success. First, competition for readers is at an all-time high, and the amount of readers is at a all-time low. Here is another statistic – 95% of all books published today sell less than 100 books! Then a real shocker is according to the number of ISBN numbers sold per year there is close to 5,000 books a day published. That’s the bad news.

The good news is if you have a “back-end” for your book, a following, or a business reason to publish, you could be one of the 5% that does fantastic with your book. The staff at Book Jolt provides a broad range of expertise levels and specialty areas within our ranks. You can count on us to point out any problems that your project might face and suggest the correct solution that your particular project requires.  

Bill James, Publisher



When there are errors in spelling and grammar that is a sure way to have someone stop reading your book. Whether you use Book Jolt or another conventional publisher you must have it professionally edited. No matter the length or complexity of your manuscript Book Jolt is the place to have it done.


You are the most important part of the design process, after all, it’s your book. We empower you to make informed decisions that brings your vision to life. We live in a time with powerful technology which makes it possible for anyone to publish a high-quality book. With Book Jolt you get the experience of a company that has been doing it since 1975 and will keep you clear of all the land-minds.


Book Jolt is a one-stop supplier for all your publishing needs. We take your work-of-art and transform it into one beautiful book Why do you have to ask anyone’s permission to publish your book? Do you want to wait months, maybe years? The reality is the majority of writers never hear from a conventional publisher. Call Book Jolt today and see your finished book in as little as 30 days!    PACKAGE PRICE


A website is the hub of all your online marketing efforts. No matter if it a simple three page  author/book sales site or complete six page site – it is an absolute necessity. Our design team has the technical knowledge to get your website up and get you started on the central marketing strategy you’re going to need. READ MORE


You have a choice of either a 20-30 second Book Teaser or the more robust 60-90 second Book Trailer. Videos are hot! More people will watch a short video than read a long article. A video gets a lot of information to a prospect in a very short time. It gets them to engage. It also gives you dual exposure. READ MORE 


Developing a social media following is the quickest way to establish a conversation with an audience. We have found the best outlets for authors are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WordPress. We show you how to best use these different strategies and how to link them together. READ MORE


Book Chat gives you your very own text-to-speech powered personal chat agent who never sleeps. It will connect and interact with your prospects in ways that have never been available till now! It will convert your website into a real prospect collector. READ MORE



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