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Traditional publishers can take up to a year or two to get a book published, but with the advent of self-publishing, it has become so much easier to publish your book.
Using Book Jolt’s ebook service you can get your ebook on sale worldwide in less than two weeks. The real challenge, which is the same for every author how do you find an audience? That’s where Book Jolt’s ebook distribution comes – placing your ebook on Amazon, iTunes, iBooks Bookstore, and the Nook Bookstore on Barnes and Noble’s website.

eBook Bundle

Kindle - iPad - Nook Files
$ 497
00 All 3 files
  • Kindle File
  • iPad File (ePub)
  • Nook File (ePub)

eBook Distribution

Amazon, iTunes and Nook
$ 397
00 Distribution
  • Amazon
  • iTunes
  • Nook

eBook Package

Buy File Bundle & Distribution
$ 794
00 Package
  • eBook Bundle
  • eBook Distribution
  • SAVE $100
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