Copy Editing

Recommended when completing your final edit with no further revisions planned

Line Editing

Recommended by literary agents as the minimum standard necessary before publication

Content Editing

Recommended for in-depth writing, organization and structural feedback

If you have been looking on the Internet for any time at all, I am sure you have read the argument on the value of self-publishing. The facts are the debate is over! Self-publishing has demonstrated it is a valid and workable path towards becoming a successful author.

A few years ago, getting your own book self-published was seen as a mark of failure. But today, if you talk to the smart authors who know how to monetize their self-published book, they will say, ‘I made $5,000 or $50,000 selling it so far,’ which by the way, is still more than what many of the authors who have those big-gun contracts.

The #1 way, and the only sure way to be successful at marketing anything is to plan. It has been proven that you need a written plan that spells out your message, your target audience, your marketing strategies, as well as your timetable and budget. This is why Book Jolt wants to give every writer our Authors Marketing Plan. Sign up below.



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